January 23, 2017

Hosted Voice & Telecoms

VoIP (or Voice-over Internet Protocol) is, in its simplest terms, a phone service that allows you to make phone calls over the internet using a VoIP handset, a regular handset with a VoIP adaptor or a software phone on your computer.As round-the-clock, instant communication becomes imperative for all forward-thinking businesses, SupportWizard’s feature-rich VoIP offers crystal-clear quality, very low call charges (since calls are carried as far as possible online and then handed over to the Public Sw itched Telephone Network for delivery) and negates the need to buy, install and maintain expensive telephony hardware.

  • VoIP taps additional value and flexibility from your existing internet service
  • VoIP is scalable, allowing you to add numbers, extensions and additional lines
  • Remote employees can connect to your telephone system through the internet
  • Calls can be routed to appropriate staff, improving customer service efficiencies
  • Calls can be recorded for training purposes
  • Accessible via your iPhone or Android SIP application
  • VoIP enhances productivity and therefore, profitability
  • Features include voicemail to email, web control panel and auto-attendant
  • Costs from £10/month per extension, £1/month DDI number rental

For more information about how SupportWizard’s VoIP services can immediately save your business money and dramatically improve your lines of communication, please contact us today.

Our dedicated voice team can manage your telecoms infrastructure, including –

  • Installation of new telephone lines and line rental management
  • Hardware procurement
  • Reduced telephone rates (saving your business up to 30% compared to BT)
  • Looking at your existing telephone bills and line performance and identifying opportunities for savings
  • Suggesting particular services and hardware that can produce immediate returns using a rental or leasing scheme

We work with some of the UKs leading telephony, broadband and mobile suppliers to offer you single analogue telephone lines through to feature-rich digital circuits with exceptionally competitive call charge tariffs. We will only ever offer our clients ‘best in class’ hardware and tariffs and our dedicated, London-based support team are on-hand for all the advice and information you need.